Objective: In celebration of Frederick Law Olmsted’s 200th birthday, the National Association for Olmsted Parks and the Olmsted200 campaign hopes to showcase the lasting legacy of FLO with a Google Doodle. To make it happen— we need your help.

What Can You Do: There is power in our diverse and passionate voices. We are asking all our partners, network members, friends and fellow FLO fans to submit a request to Google for a FLO doodle on his bicentennial April 26, 2022.

How to Submit Your Request:

Use your own words! These are personal appeals, not form letters. Keep your request concise and clear. The suggested talking points and sample language below can help get you started. Send your request to doodleproposals@google.com and bcc info@olmsted-200.org.

Suggested Talking Points:

  • Connect to your organization’s specific mission and passion for FLO
  • Demonstrate FLO’s relevance to contemporary issues that are important to you andyour community today, such as sustainability, community-building, and equity
  • Use examples from your community to highlight FLO’s legacy of democratic spaces andvalues of community, health, and stewardship of the land
  • Mention the bicentennial on April 26, 2022

Send your request to doodleproposals@google.com and bcc info@olmsted-200.org before FLO’s birthday on April 26, 2022!