April 26, 2022 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Frederick Law Olmsted, the master designer of public parks and a founder of the field of landscape architecture. Join historian and filmmaker Laurence Cotton (originator of and consulting producer to the PBS special Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America) as he does a deep dive into the remarkable life and career of the Renaissance-man Olmsted–writer, philosopher, social reformer, advocate for the preservation of natural scenery, and creator of some of the most beautiful public and private parks and gardens in all of North America.

Laurence Cotton, based in Portland, Oregon, originally hails from Boston, renowned for its Olmsted landscapes and the home base for generations of landscape design practitioners working for the Olmsted Bros. firm. A practicing public historian and writer/producer of histrical films for PBS, Mr. Cotton was trained as a cultural anthropologist and brings that lens to bear on much of his work.

As a sponsor for this very special evening, you will be helping to enhance, restore, and protect our treasured Olmsted-designed public green spaces for generations to come. Louisville’s 17 Olmsted Parks and 6 Parkways are more than infrastructure, they have served as a living, breathing part of the community for over a century.

Every dollar helps make the Olmsted Parks and Parkways vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable so they can continue to be enjoyed for many seasons—and generations—to come.